Available in Canada (Campbell River -
BC) and Puerto Montt (Chile).

Dirty Nets are brought to the Net wash facility in sealed
containerized trailers so that all debris (mussel shells, kelp, and
copper antifouling paint) is contained during the transport

The nets are unloaded into concrete containment ponds so
that all debris is contained with no chance for the copper to
reach the ground and water table. During the net wash
process the dirty copper contaminated water and debris
runs through a series of baffles and a sidehill screen to
remove the heavy coarser organic solids.

Environmentally responsible
The dirty copper water is chemically treated in a two stage
process to clear the water of all fine organic matter and to
bind up a large percentage of the copper itself. All the
cleaned up water is available for reuse for net washing. The
sludge settled out in the chemical process is then pumped
through a filter press to dewater the sludge. All water
collected from the Filter press is also available and reused in
the washing procedure.
Dry sludge is disposed of via an Environmental waste
handling company. The sludge is transported to the
mainland where any remaining copper leachate is fixed so
that the sludge can then be disposed of in an
environmentally responsible way as inert fill.
Badinotti Net Services Canada and Chile offers full
traceability records for all copper waste including registered
manifests with the Provincial Ministry of Environment.
Badinotti Net Services Canada can provide:

Traditional Washing on-shore in its facilities in
Campbell River and Port Hardy;

On Site Washing (OSW) with dedicated boat and
Disk Cleaner MPI.

In response to the move away from the use of antifouling
coating of nets (e.g. Copper) in Canada by fish farm
companies, Badinotti Net Services has now added an On
Site net Washing division (OSW) which includes trained crews
and boats equipped with high pressure disc net washing
manual and remote operated cleaners. Consequently,
BNSC can clean main and predator nets including bottoms. 

BNSC offers contract services with regular scheduled cycle
cleanings to remove the organic growth from all nets utilized
in farm production and to ensure an optimal water flows for
rearing of the fish.  Spot market cleaning in the event of
emergencies is available in a limited capacity.
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