Available in Canada (Campbell River-BC), Slovakia (Roznava), Chile (Puerto Montt).

Badinotti Group is able to apply any net coating treatment, water-base or solvent-base.

The antifouling is used by the fish farm industry for several reasons
as follows:

1. Maximizes the time of deployment of the nets in saltwater.

2. Reduces the wear and tear on the nets by reducing the number of cleanings and handlings of the nets required per production cycle.

3. Most importantly allows the fish nets to stay clean for extended periods of time (8 to 12 months) thus allowing the maximum flow of oxygenated water to reach the fish in the pens which provide the fish with optimum rearing conditions for growth and health.

In the first step of the process, the nets are dried in the heated insulated warehouses (34 degrees C) using a state of art net drier. Once the net is dry it is prepared and bundled for dipping in a 7000 litre tank with antifoulant paint. The copper based antifouling paint used is approved and registered with the Canadian Federal Government for use in Aquaculture.

After dipping the net is dried a second time, bundled and wrappped so as to provide the maximum benefit of the antifouling to the net once the net is deployed on the farm.

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