UHMWPE is Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene or HPPE High Performance Poly-Ethylene fiber with almost unlimited applications. The strength of UHMWPE results in a smaller twine diameter and therefore in lighter, stronger, and more efficient nets.
Successful applications of UHMWPE in netting include trawl nets, aquaculture nets, and purse seine nets used in commercial fishing industry, safety nets used in the construction industry, as well as cargo nets used in the transport/logistic sector. The most common brands are Dyneema®, produce by DSM (Holland) and SPECTRA® produced by Honeywell (USA).

High strength, low weight, small diameter
NEXT NET made with UHMWPE is stronger and lighter than any other traditional material used for netting. Its strength allows the use of twines with a smaller diameter. NEXT NET used in a trawl net results in up to 50% thinner twines compared to polyamide of the same wet knot strength. This leads to significantly less drag in water. Considerable weight savings can be achieved for applications on land or in the air (e.g. cargo nets).

NEXT NET made with UHMWPE do not absorb water and retain their knot strength, compared to knots in nylon netting which lose about 10% to 20% of their dry knot strength when submerged to water. With low elongation of approximately 5% (at breakage) and no shrinkage in water, the mesh size remains stable in normal use of the netting. NEXT NET made UHMWPE are highly resistant to cutting, tearing, abrasion and UV light, and are unaffected by moisture.

Net constructions
NEXT NET can be used in both single and double knotting and knotless constructions, such as Raschel netting. The lifetime can be increased by coating the netting.

Aquaculture: providing a safer place to grow
When used in Raschel netting, the NEXT NET with UHMWPE fiber for the same mesh breaking strength of nylon twines, results in only up to a third  of the weight. This makes them much easier and safer to lift in and out of the water. Nets made with NEXT NET are also extremely durable, have minimal elongation and are highly resistant to most chemicals including  salt and sea water.

In addition, NEXT NET made with UHMWPE have thinner twines, which improves water flow through the cage and increases the net shape stability, all of which contributes to a healthier environment for the fish and a potentially more productive harvest. The lower weight reduces the annual anti-fouling treatment by about half.

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