The automatic Netwasher CLEANET are composed with  a rotary washing drum built from a robust stainless steel AISI 304 octagonal-cut.

Upon request it could be supplied completed both of a waste water tank in hot dip galvanized steel and a steel gate as a  protection.

In base model, CLEANET is not provided with protective barrier and waste water tank but it ever has  a system to stop automatically in case of a misguided approach to the machine by the operator.

The Net washer CLEANET 20 is the largest made ​​in one single framework.
Once downloaded and it is ready for use. Just switch it on.
Can be produced with a separate collection of waste washing tank (disposal tank) or as a closed system and no tank.
Equipped with 2 electric engines 4 KW each.

The automatic Netwasher CLEANET has a lateral water inlet.
A robust system of hinges reinforced system is the opening tip.

Also available in convenient opening window with extra-reinforced lock system.

The mechanical locking system is added as an additional security system anti-rotary, as electrically controlled by the sensor.

The automatic Netwasher CLEANET is also provided with a manual  Emergency push-button.

The system provides washing cycles of automatic timed rotation of about 20 minutes each. The wash cycle is adjustable, but it should make changes only by specialized personnel.

The models available are:
CLEANET 7 (approx. 6500 liters)
CLEANET 10 (about 9500 liters)
CLEANET 20 (approx 19500 liters)
Designing is in progress for the new CLEANET 13 and 40 (up to 39.000 liters).

Models Cleanet 7 and Cleanet 10 are dedicated to operations that need washing equipment mobile or transportable at least.

The duration of a washing time is proportionate to the level of fouling on the net.

Can easily be placed, thanks to the small width, both on containers and trucks.
You do not need any on-site assembly and can be transported directly in a ready to use packaging.

See more in the video web page.
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