The feed distribution is generally operated "in situ" by operator or by automated systems controlled by PC.

In the offshore fish farms not always can be used automated systems, and this caused by the rough marine weather conditions that happen often.

Using a lightweight and easily operated system for distributing the fish feed, reduces the working times and at the same time distributes the food in the widest possible thanks to the thrust of the jet of water.

A butterfly valve integrated in the body of the hopper regulates the flow velocity of the feed. he control valve is a manual, and user friendly.

The capacity of the hopper varies from about 100 liters to 300 liters in the largest model.

The control valve is a manual, and user friendly.

A stainless steel AISI 316 special part, using the Venturi's principle to deliver food and water.

Water, imbuing the dust in the feed, avoids the feed dispersion around the cages.

The thrust of the wind is deleted by the force of the water jet, so that the feed is not pushed out of the cage farming.

The water pump may be either petrol, electric or diesel.

Engine powers:

Gasoline Engine  5.5 Hp
Diesel Engine      9 Hp
Electric motor    380V 10 Hp

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