Badinotti is the first producer of knotless netting for
fishing. With the introduction of raschel knitting technology,
this product was launched in 1962.

With this technology, knot slippage is avoided and net shape
remains unvaried. Over the course of half a century, Badinotti
had been instrumental in making raschel knitting the number 1
choice for trawl fishing in the Mediterranean.

Along with knotless netting we also offer twisted or braided
knotted netting for fishing anchovies, herring, capelin and
Recognizing the constant need for improvement, Badinotti
always invests in new technologies. Since their inception, the
company and its subsidiaries in Peru and Chile have become
global leaders in the manufacture of netting for commercial
fishing applications.

After a long evaluation of the market BADINOTTI PERU 'has
developed a floating PVC, which gives an excellent
buoyancy even in very large nets, such as those used in the
Pacific Ocean.

With this floating BADINOTTI is the market leader
thanks to the longer duration of its product and the lowest
rate of loss of buoyancy over time.

Badinotti Peru produces a great variety of ropes, the raw
material used are nylon, polyester, polyethylene,
polypropylene, polysteel and combinations.

The characteristics of torsions and combinations of raw
material allow us to offer a superior product which is the result
of a permanent work with our clients.

Our product line includes:

- Nylon Twisted Rope - 100% Nylon:
Soft, Medium and Hard Twist
- Nylon Braided Rope - 100% Nylon
- Polex Rope - 100% Polyester Tarred - Hard Twist
- Poligareta Rope: 
Mix of Nylon, Polyester and Polyethylene
- Polirex Rope - Mix of Polyester and Polyethylene
- Polyethylene Rope - 100% Polyethylene

Other types of rope are made to order.

Our twines are made of nylon, polyester, polyethylene and
polypropylene. Twines
can be twisted or braided (8 y 16 carriers), also they are
bonded, tarred, Mason Lines, Gangions. They are mainly used
in fishery and construction. The evenly distributed torsions
throughout the twines guarantee a very good final product
with increased resistance.

Our product line includes:

- Twisted Twine - Natural, Color, Tar
- Braided 8 Carrier Twine - Natural, Color, Tar
- Braided 16 Carrier Twine - Natural, Color, Tar
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